This group is a lifesaver

“This group is a lifesaver - excellent treatment, wonderful staff, and thorough follow-up. The results couldn’t be better! I highly recommend the Selkin Laser Center to everyone!”

Scott M - Medical Doctor

The results were instant for me

“The results were instant for me; I couldn’t believe the change. I drove myself to my next-day follow-up appointment. I could see 20/20."

Shelly C - Retail Manager

The best decision I've ever made

“Having LASIK done by Dr. Selkin was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Now I can see nearly perfectly with no help at all. Thanks to Dr. Selkin for changing my life and helping me to see clearly once again!”

Chris V - PC Technician

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Our comprehensive eye exam include tests for binocular vision problems, color vision problems, testing for glaucoma and cataracts, as well as a dilated retinal exam if necessary.

Your prescription will also be checked, and if you desire, our doctors can also recommend and fit contact lenses and spectacles to fit your lifestyle.

Optical Dispensary


Our optical department has a complete selection of frames, lenses and accessories to meet your eyewear needs.

Designer frames and sunglasses are available form over 30 designer from around the world. High-tech lenses allow us to provide you with the thinnest and lightest weight lenses available.

Also available are invisible, no-line bifocals, shatter resistant polycarbonate lenses and lenses that darken as you go outside.

With over 700 frames to choose from, we're sure we have something to enhance your life.

Our staff can find the perfect frame for you. Choose from any of these designer frames among others: Fendi, Coach, Gucci, Christian Dior, Michael Kors, Juicy Couture, Daniel Swaraovski, Silhouette, Nicole Miller, Vera Wang, Maui Jim, ProDesign, Modo Titanium, Nike Flexon, Lafont,Cazal.

Contact Lenses

Today's contact lenses offer the latest in technology and provide options for every lifestyle. They can even help correct many vision problems that glasses cannot.

Advances in contact lenses and lens care products have made it possible for just about anyone who needs vision correction to wear contact lenses, including patients with astigmatism or those who wear bifocals.

Soft Contact Lenses:

Soft contact lenses are made form flexible plastic that allows oxygen to pass through to the eye. Daily wear lenses are designed to be removed and cleaned each day. Daily wear disposable lenses are removed each night before sleeping, cleaned, disinfected and replaced every two weeks. Daily disposable lenses are removed before sleeping and are discarded. They are to be replaced with a new fresh pair the next day.

Extended wear lenses can usually be worn up to a week without removal. Extended wear disposable lenses are recommended to be discarded and replaced after one week of continuous wear.

Planned replacement lenses are discarded and replaced on a prearranged schedule set by your doctor. Usually, they are replaced every month, quarter or semi-annually.

Planned replacement lenses are available as an extended or daily wear contact lens.

Rigid Gas Permeable:

RGP's are made of a firmer plastic material that also allows oxygen to pass through to the front of the eye. RGP's are available as an extended or daily wear contact lens.