This group is a lifesaver

“This group is a lifesaver - excellent treatment, wonderful staff, and thorough follow-up. The results couldn’t be better! I highly recommend the Selkin Laser Center to everyone!”

Scott M - Medical Doctor

The results were instant for me

“The results were instant for me; I couldn’t believe the change. I drove myself to my next-day follow-up appointment. I could see 20/20."

Shelly C - Retail Manager

The best decision I've ever made

“Having LASIK done by Dr. Selkin was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Now I can see nearly perfectly with no help at all. Thanks to Dr. Selkin for changing my life and helping me to see clearly once again!”

Chris V - PC Technician
Lasik Eye Surgery and ASA

Lasik Benefits at Dr. Selkin’s Lasik Plus Vision Eye Surgery Center

Which Lasik eye surgery center or treatment is right for me?

In LASIK eye surgery procedure, a specialized instrument is used to create a flap consisting of the top part of the cornea. The excimer laser is then used to gently reshape the cornea to improve the way light is focused on the retina. The flap (which is attached to one end of the cornea) is then placed back to its normal location and is held in place by the pumping cells of the cornea which essentially create a natural suction mechanism. In some situations, the cornea does not have enough thickness to allow for the creation of a flap, in which case a procedure called Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA, a variation of PRK or E-Lasik) can be done. In this procedure, no flap is created. Instead, diluted alcohol is used to gently remove the surface of the cornea, and the laser treats the prescription in the same way it treats with Lasik. Therefore, LASIK eye surgery and ASA are quite similar and usually available in any LASIK Plus vision or LASIK eye surgery center. However, you need to assess the merits of ASA versus the LASIK benefits first..

At any LASIK eye center the same laser is used for both, to correct the prescription. In fact, wavefront Zyoptix customized treatment can be done with LASIK or ASA. While patients often choose LASIK because of the more rapid recovery time, ASA is a wonderful procedure with a track record of proven results. ASA involves a longer healing time because the surface of the cornea typically takes 4-5 days to re-grow. During this time, the doctor will often have you wear a contact lens to promote the healing. This contact lens is removed in the first week. ASA may also be better for patients with a higher risk of getting hit in the eye. Both procedures can produce fantastic results. While many LASIK patients drive to work the next day which is a unique Lasik benefit, people having either procedure should not drive until they feel their vision is adequate. Each patient heals at a different rate.

In any case, you can be assured that ASA or LASIK eye surgery cost would be much less at Dr. Selkin’s LASIK eye surgery center!

If you are looking for a Lasik Plus vision center, go no further. The LASIK benefits that can be had at Dr. Selkin’s LASIK Plus vision center would far surpass those offered by others. You have our word!