This group is a lifesaver

“This group is a lifesaver - excellent treatment, wonderful staff, and thorough follow-up. The results couldn’t be better! I highly recommend the Selkin Laser Center to everyone!”

Scott M - Medical Doctor

The results were instant for me

“The results were instant for me; I couldn’t believe the change. I drove myself to my next-day follow-up appointment. I could see 20/20."

Shelly C - Retail Manager

The best decision I've ever made

“Having LASIK done by Dr. Selkin was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Now I can see nearly perfectly with no help at all. Thanks to Dr. Selkin for changing my life and helping me to see clearly once again!”

Chris V - PC Technician
Excellent Results

In a clinical trial conducted by Bausch & Lomb and approved by the FDA, results showed that:

Zyoptix provides excellent quality of vision in all lighting conditions.

Zyoptix provides outstanding visual acuity with 91.3% of patients achieving 20/20 (6/6) vision.

Zyoptix patients reported less problems with night driving, haloes & glare when compared to Bausch & Lomb standard LASIK results.

98.8% of patients treated with Zyoptix were very satisfied with their treatment and would have it done again.

Improved Quality of Vision

In low lighting conditions our pupils expand (or ‘dilate’). Research shows that there are more ‘aberrations’ or optical imperfections at the outer edges (periphery) of the pupil. This results in a distortion of the light entering the eye. As a result, it is possible to be able to look at a round light source in the distance, but instead of seeing a perfectly round shape, you will see an irregular image. This distortion of light reduces the quality of our vision and explains one of the reasons why many patients experience difficulty with their vision when driving at night.

Zyoptix treatments have been designed to remove these optical imperfections, improving not just what we see, but the quality of how we see objects.

97% of patients reported a marked or extreme improvement in their quality of vision.
98.2% of patients said they would have a Zyoptix treatment again.

Quility of Vision After Surgery %
No Improvement  0.3%
Slight Improvement 1.2%
Moderate Improvement 1.8%
Marked Improvement 12.1%
Extreme Improvement 84.7%


Patient Satisfaction

98.8% of patients reported that they were satisfied or very satisfied with their treatment.

Satisfaction with Surgery %
Very Satisfied 98.8%
Neutral 1.2%
Dissatisfied  0%
Very Dissatisfied 0%

What results can you expect?

Significantly more Zyoptix patients in this study experienced improved results with their vision when driving at night than patients that had received a standard Bausch & Lomb LASIK treatment.

Night Driving

More than 8 out of 10 Zyoptix patients in this study reported same or better quality of vision in various common light conditions. 90.7% of patients reported the same or fewer difficulties with night driving.


Excellent Visual Acuity

Zyoptix produces a better quality of vision as well, excellent visual acuity results. In this recent FDA approved trial, 91.3% of patients achieved 20/20 (6/6) vision without any correction 6 months after the treatment. 99.4% of patients achieved 20/40. 70.3% of patients achieved 20/16 vision without any glasses or spectacles, which is an improvement over the accepted standard of 20/20 vision.