This group is a lifesaver

“This group is a lifesaver - excellent treatment, wonderful staff, and thorough follow-up. The results couldn’t be better! I highly recommend the Selkin Laser Center to everyone!”

Scott M - Medical Doctor

The results were instant for me

“The results were instant for me; I couldn’t believe the change. I drove myself to my next-day follow-up appointment. I could see 20/20."

Shelly C - Retail Manager

The best decision I've ever made

“Having LASIK done by Dr. Selkin was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Now I can see nearly perfectly with no help at all. Thanks to Dr. Selkin for changing my life and helping me to see clearly once again!”

Chris V - PC Technician
Why No Glare Lenses

No-Glare lenses are prescribed for better safety, health and comfort.

See Clearly

Extreme glare reduces your vision from 20/20 up to 20/40 – a big difference! No-Glare lenses improve contrast by 20% and improve visual acuity so you see clearly, even at night.

See Safely

Glare exposure temporarily blinds drivers at night and reduces visual recovery time by as much as 5 seconds. No-Glare lenses provide up to 30% wider fields of vision for safer night driving.

See Comfortably

Glare from artificial lights such as computers and fluorescent lighting causes eye-fatigue. No-Glare lenses help eliminate symptoms like tired eyes, headaches and blurred vision. Plus, premium No-Glare lenses such as Crizal® with Scotchgard™ Protector reduce scratches and smudges giving you clearer vision all the time.

See Smarter

80% of what kids learn in their first 12 years is through their eyes. Glare in the classroom from whiteboards and computer screens causes eye-strain and can affect learning and productivity.